Roll-Off Trucks Just Keep on Rolling with HPSXL TRAXL Bearings

The roll-off trucks that pick up recycling bins, garbage bins and more, rely on a pulley system. Kronos Worldwide Inc. uses similar trucks to transport large containers of titanium dioxide, a fine white powder used in paints, plastics or paper to keep the products white and opaque.

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Primary Sedimentation Tank Bearings

In 2010, a trial was run at Water Care Mangere where Thordon SXL bearings replaced greased white metal (Babbitt) bearings in the Primary Sedimentation Tanks. The shafts are made of mild steel and they run 24/7 at a very slow speed. One of the issues with the greased Babbitt bearings is the grease lines as they can be subject to damage from sticks, rags or trash moving through the tank.

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Digester Floating Tank Cover Rollers

During the summer, temperature and UV (Ultra Violet) radiation in Southern Florida can be higher than anywhere else in North America. Any equipment operating in the Floridian sun must be able to withstand the heat, which is why engineers at a large South Florida Sewage & Wastewater Treatment Plant were reluctant to switch to Thordon SXL Tank Rollers, until the product was thoroughly tested in their climate and on their tanks.

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SXL Flocculator Paddle Wheel Bearings

The Jardine Water Purification Plant in Chicago is the one of the world’s largest water purification plants.

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Saw Mill Bumper Bar

The lumber at the saw mill is sorted using a mechanical arm that directs the lumber into various bins. The sorter arm has a mechanical stopper, we have used SXL to prevent damage to the stopper.

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Sawmill Carrying Container

The process of kiln drying involves extremely hot temperatures and high humidity and requires materials that can withstand these conditions.

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