Shaft sealing solutions turbine guide bearings

Echetalde is a company that is not going unnoticed because of the high quality of its products and the specialized technical service it offers to various industrial sectors.

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SXL and Thor-Flex improve bearing wear life for water purification plant

The American Midwest is home to one of the world’s largest water purification plants, pumping over 700 million gallons of water from Lake Michigan each year.

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S.M.U.D. hydro workers find new uses with Thordon Bearings

It was late 2007, and the White Rock Powerhouse was overdue for an overhaul. Two of the largest hydroelectric generating units operated by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), California, U.S.A. were to be shut down for extensive repairs.

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Grease free Thorplas for Kaplan runner blade bushings

In April 2005, operators at Alabama Electric Cooperative’s 3-MW Gantt hydroelectric plant on the Conecuh River in Alabama, U.S.A., decided to replace the four runner blade trunnion bushings in the vertical Kaplan turbine of Unit 4.

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Genesis opts for options

When one of your hydro turbines had been installed back in the 1930s, and it was time to refit, you want technologies that offer the maximum amount of options, since there really is no way of telling what you are going to find… like Thordon’s highly engineered crystalline thermoplastic – ThorPlas.

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Thorseals and HPSXL solve wicket gate leakage problem

As any beaver will tell you, stemming the unrelenting force of river water is a complex engineering feat. So it’s not surprising that the first dam to span the massive Columbia River in Washington State, U.S.A. – the Rock Island Dam Hydroelectric Project – would run into its share of leakage problems.

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