Shaft sealing solutions turbine guide bearings

Echetalde is a company that is not going unnoticed because of the high quality of its products and the specialized technical service it offers to various industrial sectors.

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Roll-Off Trucks Just Keep on Rolling with HPSXL TRAXL Bearings

The roll-off trucks that pick up recycling bins, garbage bins and more, rely on a pulley system. Kronos Worldwide Inc. uses similar trucks to transport large containers of titanium dioxide, a fine white powder used in paints, plastics or paper to keep the products white and opaque.

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Thordon Rides the Trolley Bus

While Thordon’s water lubricated materials have revolutionized marine applications, our durable materials are increasingly proving useful in other industries where dry run applications are common.

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At Echetalde we are launching our new website

In a new stage of development for Echetalde we are launching our new website. We want to tell you about what we do in our company and let you know about our services and the sectors for which we work. Go into to discover the applications that our products have and how we can help you.

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Vertical Lift Pumps Now Fitted With Grease-Free SXL Bearings

During a routine statutory shutdown of PetroSA’s offshore FA Platform in Mossel Bay, South Africa, existing rubber bearings in the vertical main seawater lift pumps were replaced with Thordon grease-free SXL pump bearings.

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New Thorplas® Thermoplastic bearing complements Thordon’s polymer grades

Thordon Bearings Inc., a world leader in grease and oil-free bearing solutions has announced the introduction of ThorPlas® a new proprietary engineered (non-elastomer) thermoplastic bearing.

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